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Yousafi Art

Yousafi art is the name of resilience and perfection. working on calligraphy from the last 50 years and done hundreds of projects with full devotion and perfection. We have shared our work internationally and this website is a portfolio of khalid yousafi.


  1. M.A Urdu, 1998 (Bhauddin Zakaria University, Multan), 2nd Division.
  2. Course Certificate (Book Editing) 1996, (B.A Level) AIOU, B grade.
  3. B.A. 1995 (University of the Punjab), 2nd Division.
  4. Intermediate 1993 (Rawalpindi Board), B Grade.
  5. Certificate in (اللسان العربی ) 1984, AIOU, A Grade
  6. Matric 1965: (Lahore Board), 1st Division.
Khalid Yousafi Art Calligraphy
Khalid Yousafi Art Calligraphy


  1. Sr. Calligraphist, AIOU (BS-17/18 moved over BS-19), (1981-2010).
  2. Senior Calligraphist/Headlines, Daily “IMROZE” Lahore (1970-1981).
  3. Calligraphist, Daily “KOHISTAN” Lahore (1969
  4. Calligraphist, Daily “NIDAI MILLAT” Lahore (1969)
  5. Calligraphist, Weekly “JAHAN NUMA” Lahore (1968).

Professional Training:

  1. I had been the student of late Hafiz Yousuf Sadeedi from 1968 to 1981.
  2. Awarded “Ijazet” from my teacher who was the best calligraphy master of his time in Pakistan (1982). I was the only one of his students who was awarded this level of certification.
  3. Achieved “Shahadah” (Madrasa Tehseen-ul-Khutoot) under the supervision of my teacher, in four scripts (1981).
Khalid Yousafi Art Calligraphy
Yousafi Art


  1. Awarded a gold medal by “Pakistan Calligraph-Artists’ guild”, Lahore.
  2. Participated in a 15 days calligraphy exhibition and workshop of high profile in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, organized by consulate general of Pakistan, 16 artists were invited from Pakistan in September, 2011. I was fortunately head of the delegation.
  3. Visited “Baghdad International Festival of Arabic Calligraphy” 1988.
  4. Selected as a judge in a National Competition (1998) and an International Competition (2007)
  5. Awarded a shield on best performance by AIOU on occasion of its Silver Jubilee 1998
  6. Delivered a series of lectures on four scripts of calligraphy for the students of B.A. level in F.G College for Women F-7/2, Islamabad, in 1987
  7. Judge in Fine Arts/Hobbies Competition in Govt. Gordon College, Rawalpindi in 1998, and many other colleges / Schools.


  1. I have written three units of a calligraphy course for curriculum wing (Ministry of Education).
  2. Edited the above mentioned course of calligraphy.
  3. Article “ فنی تدوین کے حوا لے سے کتابت کے مسائل ” for IRI, Islamabad.
  4. Article “ استاد محترم، حافظ محمد یو سف سدیدیؒ ” for quarterly “Adbiat” of Academy of Letters, Islamabad
  5. Article “ کی ایک مبارک روایت، حلیہ نبویصلى الله عليه وسلم خطاطی ” for Seerah Number of “ معارف اسلامی ”, a bi-annual journal of AIOU, 2009.
khalid Yousafi
Yousafi Art

Seminars, Workshops conducted as resource person:

  1. Workshop on “Technical Editing” jointly organized by Muqtadira Qaumi Zaban, Islamabad and IRI, Islamic University Islamabad (1986).
  2. Workshop organized by Literacy and Mass Education Com (1987).
  3. Workshops organized by Muqtadira Qaumi Zaban, Islamabad
  4. Three workshops organized by Curriculum Wing of the Education Ministry, Islamabad
  5. Presented a paper on “Improvement of Natalique and its journey to Pakistan” in a five days International seminar of Calligraphy in College of Fine Arts, Punjab University December 2012.


  1. Calligraphy of the Holy Quran


  1. Works on permanent display at Lahore museum.
  2. Calligraphy “Bab-ul-Qaid”, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.
  3. Title design/calligraphy of hundreds of books/magazines etc.
  4. Name of AIOU on the main gates in brass
Yousafi Art